First Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Greece (1822-1840) and their official titles

Document containing the first official title of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1822
15.1.1822 – 13.2.1823Theodoros NegrisMinister of Foreign Affairs

The position of Minister of Foreign Affairs was not foreseen in the Astros Constitution (1823). Foreign affairs were handled by the Secretary-General of the Executive of the Provisional Administration of Greece. Alexandros Mavrokordatos, Konstantinos Zographos and Georgios Glarakis served in this position from 1823 to 1827.

1.5.1827 – 26.1.1828Georgios GlarakisSecretary of State for External Relations and Merchant Marine

Since he was sworn in as Governor of Greece on 26 January 1828 until early February 1829, Ioannis Kapodistrias personally handled foreign affairs.

5.2.1829 – 12.9.1829Spyridon TrikoupisSecretary of External Relations
12.9.1829 – 8.7.1831Iakovos Rizos-NeroulosMinister of Foreign Affairs and Merchant Marine
8.7.1831 – 14.4.1832Georgios GlarakisMinister of Foreign Affairs and Merchant Marine
14.4.1832 – 18.1.1833Spyridon TrikoupisSecretary of Foreign Affairs and Merchant Marine
18.1.1833 – 12.10.1833Spyridon TrikoupisSecretary of State for the Royal House and Foreign Affairs
12.10.1833 – 31.5.1834Alexandros Mavrokordatos
31.5.1834 – 2.2.1837Iakovos Rizos-Neroulos
2.2.1837 – 8.12.1837Ignaz von Rudhart
8.2.1837 – 16.5.1840Konstantinos Zographos