[10]22 June 1833. The General Agent of Bavaria in Genoa, Jean Baptiste Penco, announces that he has received the recognition of the Government of the Kingdom of Sardinia in order to undertake the protection of Greek citizens, thereby creating one of the Greek-Bavarian Consulates established after the arrival of Othon.

[18]30 October 1833. Decree of the King of Sardinia Charles Albert nominating Pietro Negri as the first Agent and Consul General of the Kingdom in Greece.

[6]18 October 1834. The new Greek Consul in Genoa, Paul Balduino, expresses his gratitude for his nomination. With Balduino’s nomination, a Greek Consulate is created and replaced the Greek-Bavarian Consulate operating in the city since the previous year.


Diplomatic relations between Greece and united Italy were established for the first time in June 1861.