12/24 October 1833. Minister of Foreign Affairs Spyridon Trikoupis proposes the nomination of Panagiotis Pallis as Consul of Greece in Livorno of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, as the city has “more merchants than any other city in Europe”. Pallis, a merchant from Epirus who lived for years in Livorno, became thus the first Consul who undertook the protection of Greek citizen in that region. This duty was performed since early 1833 and until them by the Bavarian Consul Heinrich Rudolph Gebhard, in the context of the Greek-Bavarian Treaty of 20 October / 1 November 1832, which practically led to the establishment of Greek-Bavarian Consulates in many cities of Europe. The letter of recommendation was signed by the Regency on 18/30 October 1833.


Diplomatic relations between Greece and united Italy were established for the first time in June 1861.